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Farm Power is a Washington and Oregon company operating at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Our facilities are designed around a proven, commercialized techonology called an anaerobic manure digester that harvests methane gas from manure. We burn the methane to create electricity for sale, while sending the processed manure back to our partner farmers as an organic fertilizer now free of pathogens and odor. Along the way, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions by thousands of tons per year. See our page on digester operations for more information. Farm Power has two digester faciltieis in operation and a third under construction.

Farm Power was founded by brothers Kevin and Daryl Maas. We are a true local startup, with no corporation behind us and no fancy marketing. We don't even have a professional web designer, as you can probably tell. Just the two of us, four employees, several dozen local investors (so far), and a lot of great support from local governments, environmental groups, and citizens who want to make local renewable energy generation a reality. Kevin and Daryl grew up in Skagit County and enjoyed the rural heritage that comes with living in the western Washington. We believe that in order to maintain the Pacific Northwest's unique balance between economic growth and outdoor quality of life, we must make farming both economically profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Our goal is to build manure digesters that will serve as many Pacific Northwest dairy farms as possible. Most western Washington and Oregon dairy farms are too small to build their own digesters and successfully market the products. That's where we come in. Farm Power works with groups of dairy farmers to design regional digesters that serve multiple farms. We design the project, raise the funds to make it happen, and operate the digester to make it profitable. We do not ask for any money from farmers and we don't sell them anything. Probably the best way to learn about our company is to read what others say about Farm Power (page down to the bottom for chronological list of articles).

You can reach Kevin and Daryl at (360) 424-4519 or FarmPowerNW@gmail.com